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When it comes to innovation, think outside the Boxer!

November 14, 2018

We have entered a new era of the re-imagination of commercial vehicles, and Peugeot is at the forefront of this innovation.

Today’s passenger vehicles are designed to quickly, efficiently and comfortably get commuters from point A to B in sprawling urban landscapes.

Similarly, gone are the days when commercial vehicles were viewed as large, unwieldy and unfriendly modes of transportation.

The trend is to give the consumer the best of both worlds – vehicles that are luxurious, while being hardy enough to be categorised as business tools. So, with this in mind, let’s focus on Peugeot’s appealing and immaculately designed commercial vehicle – the Boxer.

Besides its “boxy” good looks, and superb handling, it was subjected to a multitude of important quality tests:

• 4 000 000 km of rolling on all types of terrain, including rough roads, to test the engine and ensure its optimum reliability;

• 500 000 shutter break cycles;

• 1 500 hours in a climatic chamber; and

• salt-water corrosion tests.

As a commercial vehicle, the Boxer is used for a range of applications in small, medium and large businesses. Regardless of its use, the Boxer is designed to be relied on and not to play around!

To maximise load space, Peugeot’s designers haven’t wasted a single cubic centimetre. The wheel arch, for example, is as small as possible, and its clearance has been optimised to offer the largest effective load width (a width of 1,422 m at the wheel arch and a maximum interior width of 1,87 m).

Even more impressive and convenient, the Boxer can be converted into a 19-seat taxi, an ambulance, a chassis cab or simply remain as a panel van. The various configurations depend entirely on the operator’s unique business requirements.

The Boxer offers a comprehensive range of active safety features including: ABS with EBD, ESP with Load Adaptive Control, power steering, hill assist and a driver’s airbag.

The Peugeot Boxer is the perfect “out the box” commercial vehicle that fits seamlessly into virtually all business needs and plans.

There are two Peugeot Boxer variants:

Boxer L2H1 2.2 HDi BVM6 – 3,3 t, priced at R467 900

Boxer L4H2 2.2 HDi BVM6 PUMA – 4,0 t, priced at R497 900

In addition, the Boxer comes with a five-year/100 000-km service plan and a three-year/100 000-km warranty, with the option of a five-year/120 000-km extended warranty, proving Peugeot’s commitment to excellence.

Peugeot’s mobility programme and roadside assistance is included whilst the vehicle is under warranty, altogether making the Boxer an extremely cost-effective business tool.

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