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An integrated approach to fleet management

February 12, 2018

While leasing as a model is going to be challenged all over the world – due to proposed changes to the accounting standards – there is still the need for the professional services provided by Eqstra Fleet Management.

With more than 30 years of experience, Eqstra Fleet Management (EFM) has maintained its reputation as a key player in a highly competitive market.

Eqstra is a leading integrated fleet-management solutions provider in sub-Saharan Africa, offering the full spectrum of passenger and light commercial-vehicle fleet-management outsourcing solutions; long-term full maintenance rentals; stand-alone maintenance products; rentals; warranties and service plans; insurance and accident claims management; and GPS vehicle-management and tracking solutions.

Commercial vehicle operations are supported by a nationwide network of workshops and panel repair shops.

EFM’s unique, integrated system is designed to actively manage all components of fleet management using Microsoft Dynamics AX – an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system developed and implemented in partnership with Microsoft and PwC Exordia.

The seamless solution allows customers to view all fleet costs against a single vehicle record – reducing costs and administration while optimising fleet efficiencies.

Contact EFM on +27 11 458 7555 or email: for an obligation-free comprehensive assessment of your fleet’s needs.

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