Loadtech introduces its VIGIA system

November 8, 2019

The VIGIA system from Loadtech monitors and automatically regulates the pressure of a vehicle’s tyres. The system is handy for transportation companies, such as trucking companies and bus services, as it is said to improve the safety of vehicles, extending the lifespan of tyres and improving fuel efficiency.

The air the system to tyres comes from an auxiliary tank which includes an in-line filter to eliminate any impurities. In the case of extreme pressure loss, the system shuts off the flow of air to ensure that sufficient remains for the braking system and air suspension.

According to the manufacturers, benefits of a VIGIA system include less downtime. Research has shown that improper inflation accounts for 80 percent of retread separations, cuts, bruises, flats and blowouts. “Correct inflation pressures can extend the lifespan of a vehicle’s tyres by up to 25 percent,” says a company spokesman.

Better fuel economy

He adds that for every 10 kPa of under-inflated tyre, a vehicle consumes 0,8 percent more fuel. “The VIGIA system is designed to ensure that tyres operate at optimum pressure, providing proper sidewall flexing and a safe operating temperature.”

VIGIA for trailer-only application

He adds that, in many cases, a trailer-only solution supplied by VIGIA makes a substantial difference to tyre costs in a fleet. “Tyres on a trailer are furthest from a driver’s view, which means that they are most often the ones that get damaged,” he says.

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