Fesarta launches Transist to solve corridor problems

October 3, 2019

“We utilise the services offered by Fesarta/Transist to assist with any transport-related issues our company has in South Africa. On every occasion, problems have been resolved quickly, efficiently and effectively. We will continue to use Fesarta’s and Transist’s services as and when required.” – Adrian Chant, Alro Transport

Cross-border transport is being plundered by various authorities on trade corridors by over regulation and predatory enforcement practices. Fesarta is fully engaged with various regional structures in trying to resolve the systemic problems.

However, as we all know, daily harassment and illogical regulatory enforcement actions are a major feature of current operations, and they contribute to inefficiency, costs and frustration. Fesarta is taking steps to provide on the ground assistance for operators on corridors throughout the region and intends to continually enhance its network of contacts and resources.

In order to ensure that there is no conflict with the activities of the national transport associations that are Fesarta members, the federation has created a subsidiary assistance bureau called Transist, which has been inaugurated to provide direct services to transport operators and companies affiliated to the transport sector.

Traditionally, it has always been agreed that members of National Road Transport Associations (NRTAs) could not join Fesarta. However, Transist has been designed to complement membership of NRTAs by providing a service centre to resolve problems across borders and along corridors, and will give NRTA members preferential membership of Transist.

The creation of Transist follows a request from a transporter for help regarding the unlawful impounding of a vehicle after a minor incident involving spillage of a small content of a Hazchem cargo at toll plaza in South Africa. Fesarta was able to secure the vehicle’s release with no penalties. Since then, the service has grown with Transist being successful in having numerous traffic fines cancelled, as well as securing the release of vehicles wrongfully impounded by traffic officers.

Transist offers a service package directed at helping truckers and drivers not only within the borders of South Africa, but throughout the region where delays are experienced due to corruption and inefficient procedures, such as those experienced at Beitbridge, Chirundu, Forbes-Machipanda, Kazangula, Kasumbalesa, Nakonde and along other trade corridors and at border crossings. Assistance provided to Transist members includes:

Emergency Services

  • Assistance with traffic-related offences that are deemed to be harassment of drivers for the extortion of bribes by traffic officers within the borders of South Africa;
  • Analysis of traffic fines issued for what appear to be non-legitimate offences. They will be reviewed to determine whether they have been correctly or incorrectly issued within the parameters of the appropriate road traffic regulations. If not, written application will be made to the prosecutor of the relevant court to have the fine overturned and cancelled. The assistance is provided to transporters along corridors and border posts in eastern and southern Africa.

Additional Available Assistance

  • Help and guidance can be given for the compliant transport of dangerous goods (DGs), inclusive of driver and vehicle compliance;
  • Transist can supply a learners’ digest for the transportation of hazardous cargos as and aid to obtaining DG certification.
  • Transist can supply Tremcards in pdf format (Fesarta Tremcard Database Software) to be printed and carried when transporting DGs. These can be supplied ad-hoc, or as a database of Tremcards for specific commodities.
  • Transist can assist with the development of in-house driver-training programmes.
  • Transist will give access to Fesarta’s ready-made, self-teaching driver-training modules at a discount. However, where a specific tailor-made training programme is required, this will be charged out separately according to the time spent in developing the required programme.
  • Transist can provide transport business consultancy services in relation to contracts, legal advice and operational research.

Emergency Services Conditions

The Transist bureau will operate with a team of three competent transport consultants. Call centre support will operate seven days a week, Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 20:00 for telephone, email and or WhatsApp communications. Over weekends and public holidays, contact will be by WhatsApp and email.

Calls will be prioritised and dealt with in the following time frames:

• Up to eight hours (during business hours) for issues classified as high priority.

• Within 48 hours for issues classified as medium priority.

• Within five working days for issues classified as low priority.

Fees and Charges 

The retainer fee structure for transporters is based on the number of trucks or prime movers in the fleet and NRTA members will receive preferential service and a 10-percent discount on the fees.

Fesarta is seeking to secure Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status for its members from various revenue authorities, among them SARS, ZIMRA, ZRA, OFIDA, BURS, NRA, SRA and MRA.

This will mean that if successful, and provided the transporter is compliant in terms of the requirements determined by AEO status, Fesarta members will be given green-lane status at all regional border posts in the southern African region.

More information is available from info@ fesarta.com or +27 737724927.

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