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Public transport needs lots of work

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

Vaughan Mostert wonders whether city councillors and municipal officials in Johannesburg and Durban have shares in the minibus-taxi industry – why else would they run

Fighting transport crime

Feb 06, 2020No Comments

In an effort to reduce transport crime, Fesarta has partnered with a forensic investigator who specialises in truck hijacking, cargo theft and diesel scams Over

Born in the USA!

Dec 05, 2019No Comments

The second North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) Show recently took place in Atlanta, and we had the opportunity to check out the wares of the

Take the trolley to table mountain!

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

Across the world, very few big metropoles have attempted to realise the full potential of trolleybuses – but Cape Town could show them the way

Benefits of advanced driving skills

Dec 03, 2019No Comments

Truck owners would be well advised to train their drivers in the art of advanced driving, as there are many benefits to be reaped Following

Matching insurance cover to the logistics c...

Dec 03, 2019Comments off

Careful analysis of contractual obligations is an important part of ensuring that proper insurance cover is in place when goods are moved through the logistics

Mayhem at the border

Dec 03, 2019No Comments

Southern Africa’s cross-border transport companies face a tough task – overcoming the violence, corruption and long delays at customs’ posts that have forced some of

Border-post procedures in need of an overha...

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

Border crossings in southern Africa are fraught with disaster – and South Africa is not immune to the probability of falling victim to high-risk incidents

Who is liable when cargo causes damage?

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

Since cargo owners can be held responsible for the potential of damage or loss that their goods could cause while in transit, they are advised

Care is the key to vehicle longevity

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

Maximise the life of your truck and reap the economic rewards In the tough economic environment in which today’s road transport owners operate, it has