Featured Issue 9 2018

Mahindra commercials for SA?

Jul 02, 2019No Comments

With South Africa the designated base for Indian brand Mahindra’s expansion into Africa, company representatives discuss the prospects of introducing a greater range of commercial

Truckers’ road to hell

Jul 02, 20191 Comment

Truck drivers and representatives of trucking companies are running a gauntlet of violence and intimidation – which includes loss of life and destruction of vehicles

A future for light commercial vehicles?

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

It is often up to the bakkie, van or light truck to make the difficult and time-sensitive last-mile delivery. MARISKA MORRIS asks whether innovations in

Face to face with Gianenrico Griffini!

Sep 12, 20181 Comment

We have launched an all-new series in FOCUS, entitled Face to Face, in which we interview captains of industry. This time around, CHARLEEN CLARKE goes

Taking fleet management to the next level

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Thanks to the rapid advancement of internet-enabled communication technology, the art of fleet management is evolving Fleet-management technology has evolved to become an integral part

To buy new or used … that is the question

Sep 12, 20181 Comment

Liana Shaw takes a look at the current state of the used-vehicle industry and the latest trends among buyers and sellers of used vehicles. With

The toll of tolls

Sep 12, 20181 Comment

Taking a different look at finance – Gareth Greathead finds out more about options for future funding of road infrastructure, which may directly impact on

Pimp your fleet

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Aftermarket body parts and chrome accents will make a company’s fleet stand out to prospective clients, but accessories are also designed to protect the vehicles

DEFinitive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Following the launch of the new-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Mercedes-Benz Vans followed up with an all-electric eSprinter and surprised everyone (including Jarlath Sweeney, editor of Ireland’s

Danger, love and the “Food” with no bra...

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Truck drivers in Colombia are allowed to choose the number of hours that they work. They sleep in hotels, or hospedajes, and often drive vehicles