Featured Issue 3 2020

Get out of the truck!

Mar 16, 2020No Comments

These are the words too often heard by truckers when they’re held at gunpoint during a truck hijacking. We discover who the perpetrators are, how

Refrigeration fuelled by nuclear fusion

Mar 16, 2020No Comments

A company’s bottom line is a stellar way of measuring efficiency – the name of the transport game. JACO DE KLERK discovers how nuclear fusion

When to spill the beans?

Mar 16, 2020No Comments

While having liability insurance is essential in today’s uncertain economic climate, the issues around when to give notice of a claim can be confusing “Typically,

Green is the new black

Mar 09, 2020No Comments

How can tyre choice impact on CO2 emissions? That’s what a ground-breaking new study set out to discover. We have the exclusive story Experts agree

MAN Lion’s Urban roars in Durban

Mar 06, 2020No Comments

The stylish MAN Lion’s Urban will roam the Durban streets as part of the public transport bus fleet operated by Durban Transport. MARISKA MORRIS takes