Featured Issue 3 2018

Cape Town: the first city in Africa to go e...

Mar 22, 2018No Comments

The City of Cape Town will be adding 11 electric buses into the MyCiTi bus rapid transit (BRT) service. WILLIAM GEORGE looks at the progress

Death to the trucker’s American Dream

Mar 20, 2018No Comments

Despite the boom in the American economy and its transport industry, and healthy growth expected in 2018, progress may be held back, due to the

Renault Alaskan brings diamond spark

Mar 20, 20181 Comment

It’s an interesting and busy time in the pickup segment of the automotive industry, as a number of new players enter the market, writes JARLATH

Lighting up Africa

Mar 19, 2018No Comments

Africa is facing an energy crisis, as millions of people have no access to electricity, leading to expensive losses in productivity. Energy leaders gathered at

Powerstar Genuine Parts: wherever, whenever

Mar 19, 2018No Comments

With three major parts centres and a distribution network across southern Africa, Ever Star Industries ensures all its customers have original parts delivered when needed.

Digitise or die

Mar 19, 2018No Comments

Supply chains are becoming ever more dependent on technology to manage challenges and improve productivity, but this same technology can also present its own obstacles.

Dissecting rubber damage

Mar 19, 2018No Comments

Irregular tyre wear can be a tell-tale sign of underlying mechanical problems. WILLIAM GEORGE finds out about the root causes of tyre damage and ways

Passion for production and people

Mar 19, 20182 Comments

It’s not every day that one walks into a production facility to find a company producing world-class vehicles and employees, too. However, this is exactly

With the rising sun

Mar 16, 2018No Comments

For 40 years, Isuzu has been producing light commercial vehicles (LCVs) in South Africa. With the announcement by General Motors (GM) that it would completely

Mobile home overload

Mar 16, 2018No Comments

While not strictly of interest to the readers of FOCUS, Gavin Myers was able to visit the 2018 Caravan, Motor, Touristik (CMT) show in Stuttgart, Germany,