Featured Issue 2 2018

Powerstar Genuine Parts: wherever, whenever

Mar 19, 2018No Comments

With three major parts centres and a distribution network across southern Africa, Ever Star Industries ensures all its customers have original parts delivered when needed.

A team to dominate Africa

Feb 28, 2018No Comments

A general force to be reckoned with, Team De Rooy Iveco once again proved its might in the toughest rally races on the planet. Created

Drink coffee, power a bus

Feb 27, 2018No Comments

A London-based enterprise is turning coffee grinds into fuel to power up London buses. WILLIAM GEORGE looks at this initiative, other alternatives and the need

Back to the basics of transporting petroche...

Feb 27, 20181 Comment

Covering the basics is always the most important aspect of approaching any big task, and hauling dangerous petrochemicals across a country or continent is no

Can it carry the load?

Feb 27, 2018No Comments

The maintenance of a vehicle will differ depending on its application, age and condition. However, there are some basics that apply to all vehicles. FOCUS

Repair, replace or refund

Feb 27, 2018No Comments

WILLIAM GEORGE explores how the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) protects buyers of used vehicles and what they should look out for when purchasing a “voetstoets”

A closer FOCUS on Trailers

Feb 27, 2018No Comments

The new and used vehicle market experienced various fluctuations in sales figures in 2017. Nkosini Ngwenya investigates how these may have impacted the trailer and

Filter down to effective filtration

Feb 26, 2018No Comments

Filters are often replaced with cheaper alternatives. However, when it comes to your vehicle’s filters – cheaper definitely doesn’t equal cheerful. Just how many filtration

People and places behind UD Trucks

Feb 26, 2018No Comments

UD Trucks Southern Africa has invested R30 million in upgrades to its assembly plant in Rosslyn. FOCUS had the opportunity to get an inside look.

PPC Slurry increases its Scania Mining Flee...

Feb 26, 2018No Comments

Scania South Africa recently hosted a handover ceremony at the PPC Slurry site in Mafikeng, North West Province. This partnership between Scania and PPC Slurry