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Trucks for today and the future

February 14, 2019

UD Trucks has an unrelenting passion to provide the trucks and services the world needs today.  This commitment has driven the company’s innovation for over 80 years worldwide, and for more than 55 years in southern Africa

Key to the company’s success during this time has been its extra-mile approach to everything it does.

“As a part of one of world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, UD Trucks utilises and adapts global technology, knowledge and resources to provide trucks and services that perfectly fit the current and future needs of customers,” says Gert Swanepoel, MD of UD Trucks South Africa.

“Globally, our innovation efforts focus on autonomous driving, electromobility and connectivity – three innovative pillars that will shape the future of smart logistics.”

The company’s innovations and advancements are built on the principles of driveability, fuel efficiency, safety, productivity and uptime – all essentials in any transport business.

The company is combining the power of its Japanese heritage of quality engineering and manufacturing with the global strength, modernity and resources of one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. Together with its local expertise, skills and support, this has placed UD Trucks in a unique position to offer customers transport solutions.

“We are passionate about solving the challenges faced by customers in the local transport environment. From versatile and durable trucks, to service and parts, as well as on-site support, driver training and telematics, it is about a complete solution that customers can rely on to keep their trucks running,” says Swanepoel.

The versatile range of heavy and extra-heavy trucks from UD Trucks is engineered, developed and rigorously tested to meet the harsh local operating conditions.

With 34 accredited UD Trucks dealers across the region, fleet owners can be assured that their trucks are always in the hands of professionally trained and competent front-line staff who know what’s best for them.

In addition, genuine parts have been specially designed and tested to ensure maximum vehicle performance and endurance. This keeps trucks on the road longer, providing higher productivity and less time wasted.

“Our dealer staff are industry experts and are able to advise customers which trucks are most suited to their specific business requirements and applications,” explains Swanepoel.

“To provide peace of mind and ensure customers can focus on their businesses and maximise profitability, UD Telematics Services offers support on the safe operation of their trucks, fuel efficiency improvement and maximum uptime – while reducing operational costs,” he adds.

UD Trucks Southern Africa also places a lot of emphasis on skills development as part of its effort to counteract the current skills shortage within the region, and particularly within the transport sector.

One of the company’s key focus areas is the training of drivers and it provides a complete training programme to its dealer network and large customer base through its Competence Development Centre in Pretoria.

As has always been the case, UD Trucks will continue to provide customers with transport solutions that offer the right balance between features, cost and efficiency.

Although UD trucks are made for Africa – so are tough, hard-working and dependable – they are also equipped with modern equipment and technology to ensure the best possible lifecycle costs for customers. The company is also planning to introduce new ranges that are set to change the way African fleet owners think about trucks.

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