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Tesla transportation woes

April 12, 2018

How can the trucking industry slow the sales of cars? Well, by creating the problem of cars not getting to dealerships in the first place… TopSpeed reports that this is what is happening with Tesla in Norway – the country with the world’s highest number of Tesla owners.

The electric-car manufacturer has deliberately slowed down deliveries in the country. TopSpeed reports: “The company has had serious issues in terms of delivering its vehicles, because the trucks that are being used to deliver the cars to their dealerships are either incapable of doing so, or have negligent drivers behind the wheel.”

TopSpeed quotes “multiple media reports in Norway”, stating that over half a dozen of the trucks Tesla uses to transport its cars to dealerships have been stopped by local authorities for a variety of safety reasons. The only one that wasn’t stopped ended up in an accident that crushed a pair of Tesla Model S units.

“It is clear that we are exceeding the capacity of the local logistics industry, due to batch build and delivery. Customer happiness and safety matter more than delivering a few extra cars this quarter,” noted Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

According to Tesla’s spokesperson in the country, the company is already in talks with the Norwegian Trucking Federation to “help find other suppliers that have the capacity for our volume”.

According to Tesla, some of the transporters are also operating emission-heavy Euro-3 trucks. Naturally, for a company focused on producing low-emission electric vehicles, this is just too much of a contradiction.

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  1. Even if they focus on electrical, low emission vehicles, there’s still no availability of trucks for shipment available in the market, so it’s not a contradiction, there’s just no availability, so I don’t see the contradiction.

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