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Still strong 17 years on

This year marks the 17-year partnership between the luxury-coach company Eldo Coaches and Scania South Africa. To celebrate this milestone, the two companies have launched a new fleet consisting of ten coaches.

The newly launched fleet utilies the Scania K460 chassis and Marcopolo 1350 bodies. Mohsin Moolla, director of Eldo Coaches, says the company plans to introduce this fleet on its long-distance routes.

He explains: “We will add these coaches into our Johannesburg to Mthatha, Cape Town to Mthatha, and Johannesburg via Upington to Cape Town operations.”

He notes that the almost two-decade relationship has resulted in a mutual trust and respect between the two companies.

“Our relationship with Scania has progressed over the years. We’ve partnered on many ventures including some of our core inner-city routes. Currently, we are partnering closely with Scania on our intercity routes,” says Moolla.

Alan Hugo, GM for bus and coach at Scania South Africa, says: “We have grown together, literally. We have witnessed trials and tribulations with Eldo Coaches and have come out as successful, beyond most people’s expectations.

“We have walked a long road with Eldo Coaches and we are very proud of our association. We pride ourselves on the products and services we are supplying.”

Raimo Lehtiö, MD of Scania South Africa, adds: “We aim for this kind of cooperation and partnership with all our customers. Scania is 127 years old and now we have many customers in the third or fourth generation, and that is actually the value – living and growing together.”

Hugo adds: “It’s not necessarily only about the business transaction, there’s a lot more to it; it is more like a family partnership.

“We have sold a wide range of different vehicles to Eldo Coaches over the years, including commuter-spec vehicles, semi-luxury vehicles and touring coaches. The most recent purchase by the company was the new K460; the hallmarks of this new range being safety, fuel consumption and driving pleasure.”

Moolla notes: “A lot of new features have been brought into this fleet, which will now set a benchmark for all coaches.”

He adds: “Scania has one of the best after-sales platforms in South Africa. We have been receiving great after-sales service from the Scania workshops. In terms of breakdowns, it’s about turnaround time and minimal inconvenience to passengers on route, which was one of the core issues we focused on in this partnership.”

He concludes: “Scania offers a one-stop shop, including back-up support, the supply of chassis, financing of the vehicles, insurance and maintenance – we get the whole package.”

The core focus of Eldo Coaches remains the safe transport of passengers and, because of its partnership with Scania, the company is confident that this will always be the case.

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