Staying ahead of change

July 11, 2019

Driven by a strategy to develop a single, functional digital ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of transport operations, Swiss-based technology and services provider Wabco is expanding its product portfolio on a global scale

Beyond spare parts and services offerings, mobility specialist Wabco is planning rapid extension of its Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based technologies for commercial vehicle fleets and transporters across the globe.

The company has already delivered several new products, including solutions for fuel efficiency, downtime reduction, regulatory compliance, workforce management and load optimisation.

Now it is looking to widen its digital service offerings to better connect transport ecosystems such as parts distributors, maintenance workshops, goods owners, rental companies, payment service providers and vehicle component providers.

“The company’s ever-expanding digital offering will allow transport operators globally to continuously improve connectivity across all sections of the industry, enabling them to operate in an increasingly leaner, greener and safer manner,” says Wabco’s global fleet solutions leader, Philippe Colpron.

He says modern-day transporters face a multitude of challenges in a world that is driven by more regulation, higher customer expectations and rapid technological change. “It is here that we want to play a key role. Through significant expansion of our digital capabilities, we aim to deliver new levels of safety and efficiency for transport operators globally.

“What makes us unique is that we are blending digital technology with the many services we already offer our customers, ensuring that all parts of the ecosystem are connected and effective. Our mission is to help the commercial road-transport industry achieve zero accidents, maximum environmental efficiency and the delivery of radically leaner operations.”

Included in the Fleet Solutions portfolio are Wabco’s Fleet Management System (FMS) suite, the recently launched TX-Fuelcompass, TX-Trailerpulse and TX-Trailerfit products, remote diagnostics, a growing portfolio of advanced retrofit solutions and an extensive selection of replacement parts including original and remanufactured items, a budget range called ProVia, and a wide selection of repair kits.

“Every kilometre driven has a cost attached to it. Every fleet wants to optimise its trailer space, reduce potential theft, save on vehicle costs, reduce expensive and unexpected downtime, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise the utilisation of its remote assets,” says Colpron.

“These are basics that ensure that fleet and transport operators can continue to be profitable – and we intend to offer one of the widest, most complete portfolios in the sector, combining the strength of advanced on-board technologies and an ecosystem of automation solutions with an extensive integrated global service network. As the industry evolves, we are working to stay ahead of change.”

According to Colpron, the introduction of Wabco Fleet Solutions anticipates a rapidly changing transport industry where global mega-trends such as population growth, the IoT, higher customer expectations and a push towards sustaining a greener world – combined with increasingly demanding customer requirements for flexibility, speed and safety – are putting further pressure on supply chains and fleet profitability.

“It’s a complex task, which will require the involvement and support of a significant number of technology and cross-industry partners, delivering expertise from the many different segments that service this space.

“We are already actively working with many of these partners today, but also openly invite all players who feel they can add value to our mission to reach out to us. Creating a single functional ecosystem around transport operations will require the minds, experience and capabilities of many,” says Calpron.

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