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On-road tyres for off-road applications

November 30, 2018

Not all trucks spend all of their operational time on road. Certain industries, such as construction, waste management, mining, forestry and agriculture, require transporters to visit remote locations. To avoid getting stuck, these trucks need tyres with sufficient grip and puncture resistance to go off road.

At the same time, the tyres will cover most of their mileage on road, making performance and longevity non-negotiable. It is the juggling of these two requirements that has prompted Goodyear to launch its new Omnitrac mixed-service truck tyres. According to Goodyear, these offer optimal damage resistance and a longer service life when compared to all previous generations of Goodyear mixed-service tyres.

Benjamin Willot, director of marketing for commercial tyres, Europe, says: “Goodyear’s DuraShield technology features an exclusive non-metallic top belt, offering extra resistance to casing damage, enhanced performance and improved retredability.”

A further feature of the Omnitrac tyre is the integration of radio-frequency identification (RFID), allowing simple identification and connectivity to tyre-management and tracking systems.

Willot explains: “Goodyear’s Proactive Solutions is a full suite of data-based solutions, featuring advanced telematics and patented predictive analytics technology, which is able to provide commercial fleets with precise, real-time monitoring of tyres.”

A particular technology is the Goodyear Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

“TPMS enables greater peace of mind for fleets – especially in remote locations. The TPMS provides operators with instant warnings if tyre pressure or temperature fails to meet acceptable parameters,” says Willot.

The Omnitrac range will be available in Europe from early December and comprises ten sizes, six Omnitrac S (steer tyres), and four Omnitrac D (drive tyres). Of particular note within the African context is the Omnitrac S 24 inch, an all-position tyre specifically designed for countries in the Middle East and Africa. (RFID technology is currently not available in this size.)

Finally, Goodyear offers cover for accidental impact damage that renders a registered tyre unrepairable and unusable. There is also a 100-percent casing acceptance guarantee in countries where Goodyear offers the “Customers Own Casing” model for retreaded tyres.

Through its research and development, covering more than 90-million kilometres, Goodyear has combined the characteristics of robustness, mileage longevity, retredability, connectivity and peace of mind.

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