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New additions to the UD family

March 15, 2019

Product development appears to be at the forefront of the UD Trucks business strategy, with four models launched in South Africa in only three years. Two of these were launched on Wednesday, March 13, at Sun City, with the UD Trucks dealer network, customers and media present. The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has high expectations for its new models – the Kuzer and Quester.

The Kuzer is positioned to help UD Trucks re-enter the light-duty medium commercial vehicle segment in South Africa. Gert Swanepoel, MD of UD Trucks Southern Africa, noted: “The Kuzer puts us in a very good position to look after our customers. It is going to give us the opportunity to provide customers with a full range of vehicles.”

Reducing operating cost and increasing payload were key when developing both the new models. The Kuzer thus offers a higher payload and can be adapted for use in a number of applications.

UD Trucks also aims to reduce driver fatigue with its new models and has made the Kuzer cab bigger with easy-to-access steps and a bigger door.

While the original Quester was launched in South Africa in 2017, UD Trucks has worked to improve the product further and has now relaunched an improved range. Like its little brother, the new Quester is fitted with a bigger cab to help reduce driver fatigue.

With a number of changes to the design, the new Quester is also almost a tonne lighter than its predecessor, which allows transport operators to increase their payload. Similar to the Kuzer, the Quester can be used in a number of applications.

In addition to the two new models, UD Trucks also launched new service offerings including mobile workshops and UD Trucks Telematics, which is fitted to both the Kuzer and Quester.

You’ll be able to read up on all the details about the latest additions to the UD Trucks family, and the new services on offer, in the next issue of FOCUS.

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