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MAN and Cartrack a winning combination

March 20, 2018

MAN Automotive South Africa has recently demonstrated the value that can be derived through the establishment of  cross-market partnerships, specifically in the telematics industry.

A partnership with Cartrack – a fleet-management, insurance telematics and vehicle-recovery solutions provider – has seen advanced telematics technology become part of the MAN Automotive chassis production process and extended business solution model.

Today, MAN Automotive offers fleet-management systems – including telematics business support services such as MAN ServiceCare SA and MAN TeleMatics SA – as part of the vehicle purchase.

This supports MAN’s philosophy of delivering appropriate fleet solutions to companies operating in the unique southern African context.

Cartrack SA CEO, Andre Ittmann, says: “By building telematics into the construction of the vehicle and offering a single solution to clients, MAN has significantly decreased the potential fragmentation of vital information.

Eren Gunduz, head of truck sales at MAN Automotive SA, says: “The teamwork between our two organisations allows for an excellent response to a wide variety of customer requirements.

“We now offer a superior telematics solution that meets all local requirements and features strong local support. The pay-off for MAN is clear: customer satisfaction through vehicle and driver optimisation and integrated asset risk management.”

“Today’s market-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will offer value beyond simply supplying equipment and, in effect, will increasingly act as business partners to their clients. Our complex economy requires teamwork between operator, service provider and the OEM, and MAN’s working model is a great example of the success that can be achieved,” Ittmann concludes.

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