Isuzu tops SA’s medium and heavy truck sales segments

January 23, 2020

For the seventh successive year, Isuzu has held its number one position in the medium commercial truck segment of South Africa’s sales market, also leading the heavy commercial segment for the sixth time in a row.

According to Craig Uren, the brand’s sales, service and marketing executive, the marque offers the widest range of truck models in the two segments. He attributed sales success to cost efficiency, reliability and the option of automatic manual transmission (AMT) on selected models.

“Automatic selection of gears and no-clutch shifts contribute directly to more economical operation of the trucks, while increasing safety by preventing missed gear changes,” he said, adding that Isuzus had a reputation for toughness and provided operators with a cost-effective package. “The ability to run at low costs helps businesses to sustain themselves in a tough economic environment,” he explained.

The trucks are assembled at the brand’s Struandale plant in Port Elizabeth from knocked-down kits imported from Japan, with aftersales operations supported by a parts distribution centre located a few kilometres away.

“We have 40 commercial vehicle dealerships across the country. On the aftersales side, our technicians are highly skilled, receiving on-going training both locally and in Japan. These elements, too, have contributed to the brand’s sales success,” said Uren.

He added that the brand’s focus on ensuring minimal downtime for business owners on the servicing side as well as the wide availability of parts ̶   bolstered by subsidiaries such as Isuzu Drivetrain, which repairs and re-manufactures gearboxes and differentials, and Isuzu Mobility, which provides service and maintenance plans and fixed-cost motoring solutions – had played an important role in boosting consumer confidence.

Further, the brand’s wholly owned body-construction subsidiary, Kanu Commercial Bodybuilders – which specialises in custom-designed, steel-based truck bodies – had helped to ensure that specific customer needs were met.

“As the commercial vehicle industry continues to grow in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, Isuzu aims to grow its business and continues to support its customers for the long run!” said Uren.

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