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Irizar moves the goalposts

August 15, 2018

An all-new coach, based on award-winning design and technology, has been released onto the South African market. Meet the Irizar i6S Plus.

Safety, comfort, design and technology are the four hallmarks of every Irizar vehicle, and the new i6S Plus is no exception. As Irizar Southern Africa’s top-of-the-range vehicle, the i6S Plus arrives on local shores after being launched in Europe during 2017. (Its four defining hallmarks led it to be the Spanish Coach of the Year.)

Suitable for luxury travel over long and short distances, as well as for VIP services, the Irizar i6S Plus is as state of the art as they come.

“We are glad to offer to Africa the best product that is being produced in this segment of coaches,” comments Irizar Southern Africa general manager, Manuel Neves.

Available in three different 15-m “long-distance” and one 14-m “tourism” specifications, all equipped with three axles, the Irizar i6S Plus is designed to be assembled over rear-engine coach chassis.

At the launch, versions on MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo chassis were grouped together for fans of each brand to experience. Each vehicle showed slightly different configurability options.

For example, the toilet facilities (of the hygienic, auto-flush type) can be configured to offer a urinal, or a second toilet exclusively for the use of ladies. Or, thanks to the flexible design, subdivisions for different classes of travel can be created.

One can also specify integrated options for catering equipment, USB charging ports, three-point safety belts, leather seats, individual sound systems, or table trays…

However, that’s nothing compared to what each i6S Plus offers as standard. Three flat-screen monitors are positioned around the cabin (the front one being 21 inches in size). The luggage shelves have an elegant design and incorporate the illuminated seat numbers, LED reading lamps and adjustable air-conditioning vents.

Speaking of air-conditioning, the efficient Hispacold (an Irizar Group brand) system is specially designed to increase efficiency and reduce consumption, while integrating with the aerodynamic lines of the coach.

These lines have been inherited from the Irizar i8 – the Coach of the Year 2018. The V-shape design concept features new LED headlamps – and the integration of sensors for the adaptive cruise-control system. Other driver aids include an enhanced driving position and ergonomics, a new multi-plex control panel and a reversing camera.

Finally, as with all Irizar coaches, the i6S Plus complies with the strictest quality and safety specifications. It is proactively designed to avoid rollovers (with a lower centre of gravity) and enhance driver safety in front-end collisions. The i6S Plus has undergone numerous tests, including one-million kilometres at an accelerated-fatigue proving ground.

“Irizar is offering to Africa the most-advanced models available in the market worldwide. The Irizar i6S Plus is simultaneously being launched in Latin America, Africa and Australia and is already a best seller in Europe,” says Neves.

“Irizar shows its firm commitment to the African market, its customers and society to which it offers high levels of added value in terms of product and service, without forgetting the fundamental aspects of safety, comfort, design, personalisation and sustainability,” he concludes.

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