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Supporting disaster victims

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Supporting disaster victimsWith the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in the southern part of the United States (US) and the imminent threat of Hurricane Irma pushing through the Bahamas and up to Florida, a huge amount of support is needed.

The American Red Cross is working around the clock in Houston, Texas, and other affected cities and states to help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated.

The hurricane is one of the biggest rainstorms in the history of the US and has left a path of destruction and flooding areas. An estimated 30 000 people will need temporary shelter and financial assistance.

In a joint effort, Daimler AG’s US-based subsidiaries Mercedes-Benz USA, Mercedes-Benz US International, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Daimler Trucks North America, have donated a total of US$ 1 million to the distressed population.

The donation will go to the American Red Cross and will be used for immediate disaster relief, emergency assistance and other services needed by the victims of the hurricane

Those interested in supporting the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts can visit to make a donation or to volunteer.


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