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Bringing the cab to your hand

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Bringing the cab to your handCabbi, an all-new, proudly South African e-hailing taxi service, is a smartphone application that quickly connects riders with drivers at the tap of a button. It will be available in Johannesburg from September 1, and will be launched to the rest of Gauteng by December 1.

Cabbi has been developed to be an affordable, simple and reliable transport service, bridging the gap between riders and their destination.

The developers say that Cabbi aims to provide a safe journey coupled with the best rider experience. For the drivers, Cabbi offers a local transport network that provides them with requests for new passengers needing to get to a destination.

The business model sees the driver taking home 90 percent of the earnings, while Cabbi receives only 10 percent commission for each ride.

Similar to other app-based services, three simple clicks is all it takes:

  • Request: Tap to set your pickup location and time.
  • Ride: A driver comes directly to you within minutes. Payment is automatic via credit card and no tipping is required.
  • Rate: Give your driver a star rating to help us maintain the highest quality experience on every ride.

Drivers can also rate their riders depending on their behaviour during the trip.

The opportunity to work for Cabbi is open to owners of a reliable vehicle (which is not older than a 2013 model) who have a valid driving licence and a public driving permit (PDP). Drivers are required to register on the Cabbi website.


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