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Which drivers drink and drive?

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

Drinking and driving is never acceptable, but new research indicates that some groups are more susceptible to doing this than others. It is often said that a vice of many local truck drivers is their

Global transportation management for Imperial

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

Imperial Logistics has implemented a standardised transport management system for all its road-transport operations in Africa and Europe. The new software solution covers all aspects of transport management including planning and controlling, tracking and telematics,

500 Series proves its flexibility

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

If there was one constant message at the Hino stand at Nampo 2018, it was that the recently launched 500 Wide Cab is one of the most important vehicles in its segment. Launched to the

Nampo does it again

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

Nampo 2018 proved yet again why the annual Grain SA event is one of South Africa’s premier shows, and the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere Unfortunately, Nampo 2018 was bigger than we

Barrels of challenges facing liquor transport

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

From natural disasters to new legislation, which will require the transport industry to review its security processes, the alcoholic beverage transport sector faces many new challenges. FOCUS reports. According to trade statistics from the South