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Henred stops with Transportation Components

February 21, 2019

Transportation Components – a distributor of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components to the aftermarket – has been appointed as the supplier of Duroline brake linings to trailer manufacturer Henred Fruehauf.

“We really appreciate the trust Henred Fruehauf is placing in us again: not only by depending on us for the all-important brake linings, which will be used in the manufacture of its trailer axles; but as a well-known OEM making use of our OEM components,” says Dave Jenkins, MD of Transportation Components.

Duroline is recognised as one of the largest manufacturers of friction material worldwide. The company supplies brake linings for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that are said to offer superior performance and durability.

Transportation Components had samples of its brake lining friction material tested to determine a baseline for the durability of various friction materials. “Our OEM Duroline brake lining, which is the ‘gold standard’ in the industry, has proved to be 30 to 50 percent more durable,” explains Patrick Bruinette, national sales manager of Transportation Components.

“We have a proud 20-year record as a trusted provider of OEM aftermarket solutions. As a trusted contributor to the South African transportation sector, we are once again ready to offer Henred Fruehauf, as an OEM itself, quality products which will, in turn, ensure product satisfaction for its customers,” Jenkins concludes.

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