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Ford and Rivian join forces to build EVs

Ford Motor Company has invested US$ 500 million (about R7,1 billion) in a company called Rivian, which specialises in electric vehicles (EVs). They will work together to develop an all-new, next-generation battery electric vehicle for Ford’s growing EV portfolio using Rivian’s skateboard platform.

Rivian already has developed two clean sheet EVs. The company’s launch products – the five-passenger R1T pickup and seven passenger R1S SUV – will deliver up to 644 km of range and are said to “provide an unmatched combination of performance, off-road capability and utility”. Deliveries will commence late next year.

At this stage Ford is keeping mum on exactly what vehicles will be developed with Rivian. However, we do know that they will be in addition to two Ford EVs that have already been announced: a Mustang inspired crossover and a zero-emission version of the best-selling F-150 pickup. While the Mustang is coming next year, a launch date for the electric F-150 has yet to be announced.

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