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Wheel Nut

Kyk noord…

Feb 14, 2019No Comments

Will 2019 hold more promise for South African transporters than years gone by? May 2019 is the month on the minds of South African citizens

The drive to talk about male-specific cance...

Feb 14, 2019No Comments

With the health of truck drivers continually increasing in importance, shouldn’t the list of health concerns also include one of the most prevalent killers of

Shining bright to light the way

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

Ever driven at night and given thought to how well, or how poorly, you can see what’s going on around you? Welcome to the dark

No getting rid of the BS at borders…

Nov 14, 2018No Comments

When will the delays, corruption and looting at African borders be dealt with? Not in our lifetime, probably… Not a month goes by without some

Steaming into history

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

I recently discovered the fascinating past of South African rail… Colour me ignorant, but I had no idea there was a transport museum in the

Engineering road safety

Sep 04, 2018No Comments

How do we create safer roads? The road safety workshop at the 2018 Southern African Transport Conference tried to find some answers by looking at

Can South Africa get smart?

Aug 15, 2018No Comments

The world is becoming “smarter”, and the mobility of people in cities is a key aspect in this future development, but South Africa seems to

The snowball effect of deteriorating infras...

Jul 09, 20181 Comment

Forget South Africa’s world-class N3 and other national routes for the moment, because a dire situation has developed with some of the country’s regional routes

Which drivers drink and drive?

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

Drinking and driving is never acceptable, but new research indicates that some groups are more susceptible to doing this than others. It is often said

The Easter conundrum

May 08, 2018No Comments

As a Johannesburg native, I don’t see the appeal in venturing too far away from home during holiday times. Unless the destination is one where