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Hopping Off

Beware the hornet’s sting! 

Feb 14, 2019No Comments

Only a few days into the New Year, and here I am looking at bodies being carried away from the latest rail accident in Pretoria.

Metrorail meltdown

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

Prasa’s woes mean the new Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, has to focus on constitutionality The timing was exquisite. Slap in the middle of October

Here’s your chance, Gautrain!

Nov 14, 2018No Comments

Here’s an idea for a prospective doctoral thesis The latest twist in the saga at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) is that

It’s tough going it alone

Oct 15, 20181 Comment

Is the concept of owner-driver inherently false? Let’s look at two articles that appeared on consecutive days (August 21/22) in Business Day. One was written

The parable of the China dolls

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Here’s a parable that helps to explain how transport in all its forms is actually letting down the South African economy In addition to all

Of batteries, buses and boardroom buddies

Aug 15, 2018No Comments

Have electric buses gone backwards? A recent controversy involving a potential MyCiTi supplier might suggest so In January the City of Cape Town suspended its

Let’s save five billion litres!

Jul 09, 2018No Comments

How much higher will the fuel price have to go before someone starts saying enough is enough? R20 a litre? R30?   The days are

Bye-bye, bus industry! 

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

All that a strike in the bus industry will achieve is to sustain its slow implosion. Last month’s column welcomed the fact that civil society

Advice for Solidarity

May 09, 2018No Comments

Just about every subsidised public transport organisation in South Africa could be regarded as insolvent. If government and municipal subsidies were turned off, and taxpayer-funded

Now Is Your Chance, Comrade Blade!

Apr 10, 2018No Comments

I’d speculate that at no time since 1910 has the post of minister of transport been filled by anyone seriously committed to making transport work