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Volvo debuts all-electric truck

May 14, 2018No Comments

Volvo Trucks has introduced its first all-electric truck for commercial use – the Volvo FL Electric for urban distribution and refuse operations, among other applications.

Self-driving trucks plus drivers = success,...

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

There’s a massive shortage of truck drivers in the United States; it stands at about 50 000 right now, and this is estimated to grow to

Volkswagen makes big bucks

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

While some companies (especially here in South Africa) are battling to survive, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) is romping to the bank vault – having made

What a Discovery!

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

An awesome new Land Rover Discovery has gone on sale in the United Kingdom. It’s called the Discovery Commercial and it’s a rather sexy alternative

Chinese buy Daimler! (well, a large part of...

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

In a move that has shocked our industry to its very core, Geely Automotive chairman Li Shufu has purchased 9,69 percent of Daimler – meaning

All-electric Actros makes its debut and Sca...

Mar 20, 2018No Comments

Mercedes-Benz has pulled an electric rabbit out of its hat! The company has lifted the lid on the eActros, which, as its name implies, is

Getting serious about the electric commitme...

Feb 26, 2018No Comments

Getting serious about the electric commitment Following the unveiling of its Nikola One hydrogen-electric truck in December 2016 and subsequent announcement of the Nikola Two,

Rewriting the trucking rulebook, Mack Truck...

Jan 31, 2018No Comments

Rewriting the trucking rulebook “The Tesla Semi will deliver a far better experience for truck drivers, while increasing safety and significantly reducing the cost of