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Revealed: the world’s longest BRT system

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

Busworld South East Asia took place in Jakarta last month and it was interesting to discover that one of its exhibitors runs the longest bus

Scania to pioneer full-length autonomous bu...

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

Scania and Nobina, the largest public-transport operator in the Nordic countries, will start trials of autonomous buses on regular routes in the Stockholm area in

Van drivers break the law (and maybe their ...

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

More than half of van drivers in the United Kingdom (UK) have admitted to making calls behind the wheel without using a hands-free device. This

First Volvo e-trucks delivered to customers

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

Last year, I drove Volvo’s new electric trucks and now the first units have been delivered to customers! The vehicles in question are a refuse

Nissan puts I2V technology to the test

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

Nissan is testing Invisible-to-Visible (I2V) technology, which helps drivers “see the invisible” – such as what’s farther down the road, behind a building or around

Daimler ditches platooning!

Mar 01, 2019No Comments

Incredibly, after years of hoo-ha surrounding the topic of platooning, the concept has been ditched by the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles! This revelation came from

Daimler spends €20 billion on battery cel...

Feb 19, 2019No Comments

Daimler has gone on a shopping spree, ordering battery cells to the value of a whopping €20 billion (about R324 billion). The orders will ensure

MAN hits the water!

Feb 19, 2019No Comments

FOCUS readers associate MAN with vans, trucks and buses. However, the company is now also focusing on the Asian luxury yacht market. Specifically, it aims

Volvo’s Nilsson retires

Feb 19, 2019No Comments

Claes Nilsson, executive vice president of the Volvo Group and president of Volvo Trucks, has announced his retirement. Nilsson has visited South Africa many times

Motion sickness – gone!

Feb 19, 2019No Comments

Lots of people really battle with motion sickness while in a vehicle. In fact, more than 30-million people in Europe suffer from this ailment! Quite