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Risk management in the era of Covid-19

Mar 30, 2020No Comments

The world is currently dominated by concerns around COVID-19, the effects of which will continue to be felt for some time. From a risk management

Cyber risk and supply chains

Mar 09, 2020No Comments

New threats and more sophisticated cyber attacks will leave supply chains more vulnerable than ever, unless a comprehensive cyber risk management system is place Global

The high cube container conundrum

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

Will South Africa’s Department of Transport lift its moratorium regarding the transportation of high cube containers? If so, what liability insurance implications does that have

Blockchains and competition law

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

Transporters developing or using blockchain technology in South Africa must ensure that they do not breach competition law and do not create platforms for collusion

Matching insurance cover to the logistics c...

Dec 03, 2019Comments off

Careful analysis of contractual obligations is an important part of ensuring that proper insurance cover is in place when goods are moved through the logistics

Who is liable when cargo causes damage?

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

Since cargo owners can be held responsible for the potential of damage or loss that their goods could cause while in transit, they are advised

Incoterms 2020: A mix of cosmetic and subst...

Oct 03, 2019No Comments

The main differences between the International Chambers of Commerce Incoterms published last month and those stipulated in the previous edition relate to levels of insurance

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Legal risk ma...

Sep 04, 2019No Comments

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it some operational risks in the supply chain. What about the legal risks that result? We all know that

Corridors of prosperity

Jul 02, 2019No Comments

Andrew Robinson and Malcolm Hartwell, of Norton-Rose Fulbright, discuss whether, for trans-border transport corridors to work effectively, there needs to be uninterrupted movement of goods

Free trade and flourishing economies?

Jun 05, 2019No Comments

A continent-wide free trade area for Africa can only be a good thing – if the governments of the continent can focus on the long-term