Trucks and traffic-light tragedies

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A possible solution to reducing accidents involving heavy-duty trucks at traffic lights Serious and fatal collisions that occur at traffic-light intersections in South Africa often

A new future, brick by BRIC(s)

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Last month at the BRICS summit I was fortunate enough to attend a Russia-South Africa breakfast on future investment opportunities for both countries The Brics

The parable of the China dolls

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Here’s a parable that helps to explain how transport in all its forms is actually letting down the South African economy In addition to all

The standard contract

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Part of risk management for a logistics company is to understand its contractual obligations and the allocation of risks and liabilities between it and the

Going nowhere quickly

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Is South Africa the “Gateway to Africa” or the “Gateway to Nowhere”? Way back in the 1990s I attended a business seminar hosted by scenario

MAN at IAA: feast of trucking technology!

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MAN has a treat of trucking innovations in store for visitors to the IAA this month. These are in addition to the bus, coach and

Driverless trucks ready to hit the highway!

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Highway maintenance personnel take their lives into their own hands – quite literally – when working on German highways. As we all know, many highways

Coolest bakkie ever?

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My dear friend, Jarlath Sweeney, editor-in-chief of Ireland’s Fleet Transport magazine, brought this incredible vehicle to our attention. Sadly, it’s just a concept – but isn’t

Snap on target

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Regular readers of this column will recall that I visited ZF, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, last month in order to attend the company’s Technology Day. We

Engineering road safety

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How do we create safer roads? The road safety workshop at the 2018 Southern African Transport Conference tried to find some answers by looking at