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Eicher marches on

Oct 18, 2018No Comments

Having entered the South African market during 2016 and launched its first vehicle 14 months ago, Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles (VECV) has seen higher levels

Renault tosses its hat into the electric ri...

Oct 18, 2018No Comments

I’ve been writing about electric trucks a lot this year. In fact, I hardly ever pen a Global Focus column that does not contain coverage

Hail the F-Max, the Hagia Sophia of trucks!

Oct 18, 2018No Comments

By now you will have heard the news: the F-Max from Ford Trucks is the 2019 International Truck of the Year (IToY)! This announcement caused

It’s tough going it alone

Oct 15, 20181 Comment

Is the concept of owner-driver inherently false? Let’s look at two articles that appeared on consecutive days (August 21/22) in Business Day. One was written

The truck that broke the bridge’s back?

Oct 15, 2018No Comments

Could overloaded heavy-duty trucks have contributed to the damage to the Kaserne Bridge? In South Africa, heavy-duty commercial vehicles travelling on most of the country’s

Moving Freight from Road to Rail

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

In this three-part series, we discuss considerations pertinent to the movement of freight in a road-to-rail system Like several African countries, Zambia is serviced by

Here we go again

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

To the surprise of many economists, South Africa has once again entered a technical recession Data revisions down the line may yet save us (although

Firey consequences

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

A horrific accident in Tanzania once again reminds us of the importance of properly designed border posts when it comes to dangerous-goods vehicles On the

Steaming into history

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

I recently discovered the fascinating past of South African rail… Colour me ignorant, but I had no idea there was a transport museum in the

The parable of the China dolls

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

Here’s a parable that helps to explain how transport in all its forms is actually letting down the South African economy In addition to all