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Corporate Profiles

Mining possibilities and constructing growt...

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

As a company positively building its presence in the mining and construction industries, Scania South Africa knew that Bauma Conexpo Africa was the place to be. GAVIN MYERS spoke to its dedicated mining and construction managers to

Braving new markets with trusted strategies

Feb 12, 2018No Comments

After a successful 2017, Scania South Africa has its eye on new markets in 2018, while keeping most of its cards close to its chest. Scania South Africa had a very busy 2017. It successfully introduced its

The art of “trucking, plain and simple”

Feb 12, 2018No Comments

Harneet Luther, executive director: Tata Automobile Corporation SA, says that “customer centricity and connecting aspirations” are the keys to success in 2018. GAVIN MYERS chats to him. Looking back at the Futuroad Expo, which happened in September

An integrated approach to fleet management

Feb 12, 2018No Comments

While leasing as a model is going to be challenged all over the world – due to proposed changes to the accounting standards – there is still the need for the professional services provided by Eqstra Fleet

Turning the wheels of the economy and the t...

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

Joe Mahlo, general manager of commercial at Engen, has spent more than three decades keeping the transport industry fuelled. FOCUS chats to him. Mahlo started his career in the transport industry as an accountant straight out of

Moving South Africa forward – togethe...

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

Cargo Carriers helps develop a world-class South African transport industry. With October Transport month behind us, specialised transport provider Cargo Carriers recognises the important role that the larger transport industry has to play in growing the country’s

In the long term, relationships matter most

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

A career in transport that happened by chance has not kept Ernie Trautmann, vice president of Hino South Africa, from achieving greatness. With a focus on people, customer smiles and approachability, Trautmann hopes to make Hino the

Working in the little big company

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

GAVIN MYERS chats to four of Scania South Africa’s top leaders to find out how they drive – and are driven by – the company. With its continually climbing market share, an expanding solutions portfolio and the

A chance meeting between an Italian and Sou...

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

Carmelo impelluso, MD of Iveco South Africa, is not a stranger to managing a business during an economic downturn and is now face-to-face with South Africa’s current economic situation. FOCUS learns more about Impelluso and his plans

Offering tonnes of choice

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

As BPW in Germany heads to its 120th anniversary, its tagline “We Think Transport” is more pertinent than it has ever been. GAVIN MYERS chats to Andre Cilliers, MD of BPW Axles South Africa, about some of