Webfleet solutions: a step above the rest

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One could be forgiven for thinking that vehicle tracking systems on offer by telematics companies are all the same. Telematics – a method of monitoring

Scania for the long haul

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Scania is a renowned supplier of long-haul trucks. Little surprise then, that when Matumi Fresh Logistics – a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to

Coronavirus causes CHAOS at borders

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Thousands of drivers and trucks are either being quarantined or queuing at borders in southern Africa. The situation is utterly chaotic – and could well

A fragrance that smells like a new car – ...

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Just when you thought you had seen it all, we can bring news of a new fragrance – that smells like a new car No,

Tavares is Person of the Year

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Carlos Tavares, CEO of Groupe PSA, has been named the 2020 World Car Person of the Year The Person of the Year is chosen by

Revealed: how to fight coronvirus in buses

Mar 17, 20201 Comment

The coronavirus is here in South Africa – and it can obviously be spread via public transport. Now a company based in the United Kingdom

Upping the D-Max 250’s game

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Isuzu Motors South Africa is making its D-Max 250 range more appealing with the introduction of an automatic transmission at an affordable price. MARISKA MORRIS

Engine oil – reuse it or lose it!

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Global warming and environmental pollution have intensified our need to recycle our limited natural resources and to extend the use of our manufactured products. The

Japanese discovery takes tyre manufacturing...

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What if we could perform an intricate study of the make-up of rubber vehicle tyres in order to engineer the tyre manufacturing process to produce

The law and transporting dangerous goods

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Quality and safety standards must be adhered to when transporting dangerous goods and practices must comply with international law The requirements for an effective quality