Featured Issue 9 2019

A question of replacement parts

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Sourcing alternative replacement parts for trucks is just one procurement example that can have negative implications in terms of a vehicle’s whole-life cost, warns an

Partnering for profit

Sep 04, 20191 Comment

From brand sceptic to ardent supporter – that’s how Titus Naidoo explains his passion for Scania, a nameplate that’s helped him to build his Meyerton-based

Face to face with Göran Nyberg

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JARLATH SWEENEY goes face to face with Göran Nyberg, executive board member for sales and marketing at MAN Truck & Bus What was your perception

New brand, new tech, new RFA

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Along with new branding, the Road Freight Association (RFA) introduced delegates to new technology at its annual conference – a fitting introduction with a theme

Overcoming fleet-management challenges

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A recent global survey of small to medium enterprises by TomTom Telematics has identified five of the top challenges faced by fleet managers Fleet operators

Bakkie prospects on the rise

Sep 04, 2019No Comments

High demand for light commercial vehicles in South Africa is driving a consumer trend that signals a shift away from the passenger-car market. WYNTER MURDOCH

Liquid fuels soon to be fossils?

Sep 04, 2019No Comments

In a study involving hypothetical scenarios in which electric vehicles are widely adopted in South Africa, the country’s liquid-fuel industry faces an alarming decline. MARISKA

Expert advice for securing vehicle finance

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Obtaining vehicle finance remains a monumental hurdle for commercial operators, and the current bleak economic outlook in South Africa is not helping. LIANA SHAW investigates. When

Turkish automotive market crashes

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Linked, in part, to the “stagflationary” state of the Turkish economy, every segment of the country’s commercial vehicle market has been contracting drastically over the

Getting excited as Scania offers more

Sep 04, 2019No Comments

Scania Southern Africa has big plans for its bus and coach division heading into 2020. Customers got a taste of what is to come at