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Featured Issue 8 2019

Turning plastic into diesel

Aug 07, 2019No Comments

Global petroleum company BP has signed an agreement to buy diesel manufactured from plastic, highlighting the vital roles that innovation and technology play in driving

‘We are customer-focused’

Aug 07, 2019No Comments

There’s a new man at the helm of DAF. He comes into the company at a time that it is achieving record after record. However

Busworld 2019: bring it on!

Aug 07, 2019No Comments

Busworld 2019 is going to be sensational! It’s going to be jam-packed with buses, coaches and minibuses, featuring the very latest technology. Well, that certainly

Appetite for destruction

Jul 30, 2019No Comments

Despite promises by government that it will resolve truck violence, terror continues to reign along the country’s main trade corridors. Local truck drivers fear losing

Mazda eschews the workhorse

Jul 30, 2019No Comments

In terms of Mazda’s new global strategy, the brand is committed to delivering premium-quality vehicles aimed at moving the needle for brand value. Among new