Featured Issue 8 2019

Face to face with Heinz-Jürgen Löw

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This month, JARLATH SWEENEY goes face to face with one of the most experienced commercial vehicle executives in the business, Heinz-Jürgen Löw, board member for

Maximising the Maximus

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The latest version of Korean truck manufacturer Daewoo’s Maximus KL3TX 6×4 tractor is scheduled to star at the official launch of the brand next month

Day of the driverless truck?

Aug 07, 20191 Comment

Imagine this … no sooner have goods been packaged for transportation than an autonomous-drive, long-haul truck slots into position at the loading dock, waits as

Stagnant economy impacts heavy-vehicle sale...

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A sluggish economy, coupled with a rise in the number of violent attacks on trucks, especially along the N3 highway, are being cited as primary

South Africa unprepared for disruptive tech...

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The impact of disruptive technology on the transport industry was a key theme at the 2019 Southern African Transport Conference (SATC), which was held in

Conquering low confidence in construction

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Confidence in the civil engineering industry is down, which means fewer opportunities for construction companies. How will this impact on vehicle sales for original equipment

Making a difference

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Although she hadn’t contemplated a career in the motor industry, 20 years after joining Mercedes-Benz, Maretha Gerber finds herself heading up the brand’s trucking business

‘You need nerves of steel’

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Being a woman in what is traditionally regarded as a man’s world is not without its challenges. Lise Van der Berg, founder and CEO of

Next chapter in efficient transport

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As technology continuously improves transport processes, ensuring efficiency within the supply chain is the next step in reducing transport costs. MARISKA MORRIS reports Technology, such

Caring for the first line of defence

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Braking systems on commercial vehicles are, arguably, one of the most important components as they help prevent accidents. They are, however, under tremendous stress. MARISKA