Featured Issue 8 2018

Face to face with Claes Nilsson!

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We have launched an all-new series in FOCUS, entitled Face to Face, in which we interview captains of industry. This time around, CHARLEEN CLARKE goes

Doing more with less

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The heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) segment sits in an interesting space, with more than 120 model variations offered locally. That means a lot of jockeying

Part replacement pitfalls to avoid

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Eventually, every vehicle needs at least one part replaced, which can easily become a time-consuming, expensive activity. FOCUS lists a few considerations to make the

Construction sector looking up

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The confidence level in South Africa’s construction industry plummeted to 17-year lows in 2017. In 2018, it was estimated that the industry could look forward

Next meets Now in the drive for digital dis...

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The Fleet Solutions division of Shell South Africa is heading for an increasingly digital future, as it sets out to reshape the fleet world as

Fuelled up for transport!

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A humble, focused, hands-on lady, Nona Chili is guiding Makwande Supply and Distribution to be an important player in the local fuel-distribution sector. That she

Three-pointed star gets a lady’s touch

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The Mercedes-Benz Trucks business unit has a new boss, and she comes with some impressive credentials. On July 1, Daimler Trucks & Buses (DT&B) Southern

Man and machine in harmony

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Connected this, Internet of Things that … The face of the logistics supply chain is becoming increasingly digital. Does that mean that things are fundamentally

Can SA finally address its transport challe...

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More than 630 delegates descended on the council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) International Convention Centre during July for the 37th annual Southern African

Adding passion to performance

Aug 15, 20181 Comment

“Many envious eyes were directed towards us as we motored along the challenging route,” writes JARLATH SWEENEY, editor of Ireland’s Fleet Magazine, about a very