Featured Issue 6 2019

New horizons for MCV

Jun 10, 2019No Comments

Cape Town-based bus builder MCV SA, part of an international conglomerate that is a global leader in transport solutions, has plans to become the largest

More trade routes for Russia

Jun 07, 2019No Comments

Over the next six years, Russia aims to spend around R1,3 trillion on expanding and improving its transport infrastructure. MARISKA MORRIS takes a closer look Although

Daimler makes tracks into the future

Jun 07, 2019No Comments

“Everything indicates we are on the right track”, was the message from the 2019 Daimler Truck & Bus annual press briefing. JARLATH SWEENEY from Fleet

Packed in eco-friendly wrappers

Jun 07, 2019No Comments

It might have started out small with some pushback against single-use plastic bags, but the demand for more environmentally friendly packaging is becoming a trend

Positivity abounds at Nampo 2019

Jun 06, 2019No Comments

Nampo 2019 grew on records from previous years, and so it’s impossible to cover the entire show in one report. That’s not stopped us from

The next-generation Scania is here!

Jun 06, 2019No Comments

The next-generation Scania has earned the ultimate international accolade: that of International Truck of the Year. Now it’s arrived in South Africa. And, as GAVIN

To add or not to add

Jun 06, 2019No Comments

For decades, lubrication additives (we’re talking drivetrain oils here) have attracted a fair amount of controversy surrounding their actual effectiveness and whether or not they

Insuring your right to repair

Jun 06, 2019No Comments

With the controversy surrounding the Right to Repair codes of conduct currently being compiled by the Competition Commission, GAVIN MYERS finds out how this may

Local electric conversions – a viable pro...

Jun 06, 2019No Comments

GAVIN MYERS meets a local company that is setting out to convert the nation’s heavy commercial vehicles to electric propulsion Dwindling fuel reserves (and, locally,

Low economic growth impedes sales in MCV ma...

Jun 05, 2019No Comments

LIANA SHAW explores the condition of the medium commercial vehicle (MCV) segment and what operators can expect heading towards 2020 Consumer and business confidence remain