Featured Issue 4 2018

Is profit taking precedence over passengers...

Apr 12, 2018No Comments

How do the working conditions and behaviour of minibus-taxi drivers in Johannesburg affect the lives of their passengers? We look at the ongoing study by

Australasia transport in perspective

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

New Zealand puts out a safety alert for almost 3 000 truck trailers, builds new roads and edges towards an electric future, while Australia lags behind

XT: Scania’s new “Range Hero”

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

Jarlath Sweeney, from Fleet Transport, drives Scania’s new “Xtra Tough” range of construction-oriented vehicles. It was inevitable that Scania would introduce its own construction-orientated range

Breaks according to needs, not to law

Apr 11, 20181 Comment

Mexican truck drivers have to manage 1 800 km of loneliness when driving between Tijuana or Mexicali and the southern tip of the peninsula, Baja

Technology that puts customer convenience f...

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

Technology remains the biggest disruptor in the transport industry. FOCUS looks at current and new technology that threatens to change how the transport industry operates,

Stronger than steel

Apr 11, 20188 Comments

It is often thought that steel is stronger than aluminium. However, with the correct manufacturing approach, aluminium rims can be stronger, lighter and better for

CLA for construction

Apr 11, 2018No Comments

MAN Automotive has refreshed its CLA model range, and is specifically targeting the construction industry. GAVIN MYERS joined the team as it introduced the new

LCVs greener on the other side

Apr 10, 2018No Comments

More companies are turning to environmentally friendly options when selecting their vehicles, and the international light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment is one of the favourites.

Scanning the globe

Apr 10, 20181 Comment

While it is often said that South Africa is at the forefront of the global tracking and telematics industry, it is interesting to see what

Weighing in log by log

Apr 10, 20181 Comment

Operating in the timber industry is not for the faint-hearted. GAVIN MYERS chats to T3 Timber and Transport and one of its suppliers, Loadtech, to