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Featured Issue 12 2017

Tale of typewriters and a terrific bakkie!

Feb 04, 20181 Comment

Did you know that Mercedes-Benz used to make a bakkie long, long ago? And that Mercedes (sans Benz) made a typewriter? CHARLEEN CLARKE travels to

Driveline dilemma!

Feb 03, 2018No Comments

Solutrans was expected to be all about e-mobility, and, of course, this subject did feature prominently – But it wasn’t the sole star of the

Questions around the UK’s truck platoon t...

Feb 02, 2018No Comments

In 2018, the United Kingdom (UK) is set to run a £8,1-million (R152-million) truck platooning test. While similar tests have run successfully in other parts

A new winner for SA!

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

Iveco has brought (one of) its Truck of the Year winners to South Africa – the all-new Eurocargo! Iveco will be opening up the full

Chaos for hauliers at Zim borders

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

Transporting goods to, or through, Zimbabwe has become more expensive, time consuming and dangerous for transporters since the amendment to the Zimbabwean Customs and Excise

A tale of tolls

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

At the Bakwena N1N4 toll concession, a mere 18 staff members are responsible for 385 km of the N1 north and N4 west highways. GAVIN

Like muscles in the body

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

A vehicle’s transmission works hard and can take a beating from inexperienced drivers, often resulting in it needing to be reconditioned or rebuilt. WILLIAM GEORGE

North West eager for new transport system

Feb 01, 2018No Comments

North West is one of the latest provinces to introduce plans of integrated transport through bus rapid transit (BRT). This follows  KwaZulu-Natal’s plans to launch

Redefining “entry level”

Jan 31, 2018No Comments

Mercedes-Benz has the ambition to be the number one manufacturer in the South African bus market. To do so, it is boosting the structure of