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Featured Issue 10 2018

Celebrating what’s good

Oct 15, 2018No Comments

Often slated for being little more than an opportunity for government to meaninglessly toot its own horn, transport month does, however, stand as a reminder

Greener diesel-powered refrigerated transpo...

Oct 15, 2018No Comments

The global push for clean, environmentally friendly lifestyles has affected every industry including refrigerated transport. While green alternatives might not be affordable for all operators,

Face to face with Marcus Hörberg

Oct 15, 2018No Comments

GAVIN MYERS goes face to face with the new vice president of Volvo Group Southern Africa, Marcus Hörberg You’ve been with Volvo for more than

EXCLUSIVE! We speak to Iveco’s Pierre Lah...

Oct 12, 2018No Comments

The 2018 IAA was all about e-mobility and saving the planet. However, not all the solutions presented at the fair are ideal for Africa. Does