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SADC drags its heels

Dec 05, 2019No Comments

The most recent update from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regarding the state of play of its much-vaunted transportation infrastructure projects – which are aimed at helping to transform the road network, border crossings and logistics

Strapping in

Dec 05, 2019No Comments

While load-securing equipment is essential, there is more to it than just a few tiedowns There are numerous examples of the dangers of transporting unsecured loads. These include products falling off a moving vehicle, and trucks tipping

Boosting safety for cargo and drivers

Dec 05, 2019No Comments

Need help in making informed and timely decisions regarding the performance of your fleet and the safety of your drivers and their cargoes? MiX Telematics offers solutions that will help you to manage your vehicles effectively and

Paying tribute to silent heroes

Dec 05, 2019No Comments

Shell Commercial Fuels highlights the importance of truck driver support through its 2019 Distributor Driver of the Year competition As a company that strongly believes in the importance of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) education, Shell

Stopping cannabis use in its tracks

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

With the decriminalisation of the private use of cannabis, it has become more challenging to prevent, monitor or take legal action against marijuana use among truck drivers. MARISKA MORRIS investigates It is no longer a criminal offence

All systems go!

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

Despite challenges in the country’s truck and bus markets, heads of divisions at Daimler Trucks and Buses Southern Africa are optimistic that opportunities for growth are on the horizon. To get an idea of which route the

Netstar’s expanding horizons

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

Since pioneering South Africa’s stolen vehicle tracking and recovery industry in 1994, Netstar has morphed into an innovative, global technology company that sets the pace in a number of countries. Under the leadership of CEO Pierre Bruwer,

Meet Scania’s new MD

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

Less than a month into office, Scania Southern Africa’s new managing director reveals the approach he intends to adopt in getting to grips with challenging market conditions Fabio Souza, 44, the recently appointed managing director of Scania

Autonomy, here we come!

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

At the recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta, WILL SHIERS had the opportunity to catch up with Peter Schmidt, head of Daimler Trucks’ autonomous technology group, and Michael Fleming, president and CEO of Torc Robotics,

The power of positive energy

Dec 03, 2019No Comments

Mercedes-Benz’s Vans Division forecasts a strong finish to the sales year, with consumer appetite for reliable, durable and refined light commercial vehicles remaining keen Nadia Trimmel, vice president of Mercedes-Benz Vans South Africa, is looking forward to