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Vic Oliver is one of this country’s most respected commercial vehicle industry authorities, and has been in this industry for over 50 years. Before joining the FOCUS team, he spent 15 years with Nissan Diesel (now UD Trucks), 11 years with Busaf and seven years with International.

Buying second hand

Sep 04, 2019No Comments

Provided the vehicle purchased is right for the job and has been well maintained, even high-mileage used trucks can prove to be exceedingly durable Good

The importance of correct vehicle loading

Aug 07, 2019No Comments

Overloading and incorrect load placement on a truck can be extremely dangerous, and can result in expensive mechanical repairs All truck manufacturers design their vehicles

Optimising Productivity is key

Jul 02, 2019No Comments

Selecting a truck or bus for a transport application without first examining all aspects that contribute to high vehicle productivity is a common mistake made

Why micromanagement is a transporter’s fr...

Jun 05, 2019No Comments

Operating a commercial vehicle in South Africa has become a tough business with continual rising costs and lower profit margins      To minimise a

Preparing for winter on the road

May 09, 2019No Comments

It is important for trucks and drivers to be ready to handle harsh winter driving conditions Driving a truck in winter conditions can be a

The next level of driver education

Apr 11, 2019No Comments

Do your drivers know how to handle emergencies and roadside breakdowns? Not having policies and procedures in place on how to handle emergencies and roadside

The dangers of a front tyre failure on a tr...

Mar 14, 2019No Comments

A blowout of a front tyre on a heavy-duty truck or bus can be extremely dangerous, as the driver loses all steering and directional control

Heavy commercial vehicle check list

Feb 14, 2019No Comments

A monthly heavy commercial vehicle check and audit will identify any pending fault that can immediately be rectified. This will save expensive repair costs, roadside

A Call to Reduce Truck Accidents

Feb 14, 2019No Comments

Following the increase in heavy-vehicle road accidents during the beginning of the 2018 festive season, the Minister of Transport, Blade Nzimande, is calling for truck

Counter-balancing the rising fuel price

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

With no end to its rise in sight, the fuel price can be offset to some degree by a proactive attitude. It is impossible to