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I’m a bookaholic born and bred with too many novels on my already over-flowing bookshelves. When I’m not reading Lauren Beukes or binge watching New Girl, I’m writing … about everything. My interests and passions change almost daily as I learn about new things and causes. If I find it interesting, I will write about it. I don’t understand why anyone would spend money on a sports car when they can buy books. I’m more a dog person than a cat person, although I would love to own a bunny one day. I can never seem to tame my very curly hair. I will never say no to a movie date and I prefer my moijto shaken not stirred.

Another case for alternative fuel

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

If the environmental benefits of alternative fuels do not provide enough motivation for transport operators to reconsider their options, the recent conflict between the United

Keeping a strict checklist

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

While all transport legislation is important, transport operators working with petrochemicals and dangerous goods need to be extra vigilant. MARISKA MORRIS takes a closer look

A road to one Africa

Feb 20, 2020No Comments

While the free trade agreement between African nations could mean more business and growth for the transport industry, there are still many obstacles to be

Stopping cannabis use in its tracks

Dec 04, 2019No Comments

With the decriminalisation of the private use of cannabis, it has become more challenging to prevent, monitor or take legal action against marijuana use among

Double-deckers make a comeback with MAN

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

MAN Automotive South Africa is reacquainting the bus industry with a classic two-storey vehicle design through its sleek and stylish Lion’s City double-decker bus. MARISKA

OEMs put back trust in pre-owned

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

There is no need to compromise on performance when buying a second-hand vehicle thanks to the comprehensive refurbishment programmes offered by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Isuzu X-Rider back in Black

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

Isuzu Motors South Africa is encouraging its customers to “step out of the shadows” with the limited-edition D-Max X-Rider Black. MARISKA MORRIS test drives the

Japan addresses logistics challenges

Oct 07, 2019No Comments

While sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, provide cities with many financial gains, they can be a logistics nightmare. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

AI in retail impacts transport operators

Oct 07, 2019No Comments

From paperless monitoring systems to smart shelves, new technologies introduced in the retail industry can change how products are transported in the fast-moving consumer goods

Stralis X-Way: from rough to smooth

Oct 04, 2019No Comments

Iveco South Africa finally launched its Stralis X-Way range of vehicles, which are specifically designed to cater for the construction industry, and customers were not