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I’m a bookaholic born and bred with too many novels on my already over-flowing bookshelves. When I’m not reading Lauren Beukes or binge watching New Girl, I’m writing … about everything. My interests and passions change almost daily as I learn about new things and causes. If I find it interesting, I will write about it. I don’t understand why anyone would spend money on a sports car when they can buy books. I’m more a dog person than a cat person, although I would love to own a bunny one day. I can never seem to tame my very curly hair. I will never say no to a movie date and I prefer my moijto shaken not stirred.

Destined for Engen

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

At the age of eight, Bongiwe Bako, manager of marketing and business development at Engen, was already interested in petrochemicals with a passion for the

Decades at the wheel of innovation

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

The MD of Netstar, Pierre Bruwer, might be new to the Altron Group, but with ten years’ experience in the telematics industry, he is no

Braking: the new villain of air pollution

Dec 12, 2018No Comments

With high levels of air pollution globally, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket suppliers are developing more eco-friendly vehicles and solutions, with braking systems being

A death sentence for the automotive industr...

Nov 14, 2018No Comments

The voluntary Automotive Code of Conduct allows unregulated parts to be fitted on vehicles, potentially compromising safety, without breaching the vehicle warranty at participating dealerships.

Conquering the globe with a Silk Road

Nov 14, 2018No Comments

Independent Chinese truck drivers are struggling despite growth in the gig economy, while the government plans to revive its ancient Silk Road trade route. MARISKA

Stepping into the future with the UAE

Oct 18, 2018No Comments

There is no denying that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is living in the future with its smart cities and innovative approaches to transport and

Inspecting the grain at FDT

Oct 17, 2018No Comments

From innovations in packaging and labelling to certification and quality assurance, the food and beverage industry gathered at the Food and Drink Technology (FDT) Africa

A future for light commercial vehicles?

Sep 12, 2018No Comments

It is often up to the bakkie, van or light truck to make the difficult and time-sensitive last-mile delivery. MARISKA MORRIS asks whether innovations in

Cross the “t” and dot the “I”

Sep 11, 2018No Comments

Taking meticulous care to comply with legislation is important, but this can be challenging with the fluid nature of policies in South Africa. MARISKA MORRIS

Fighting for the survival of BRT

Aug 15, 2018No Comments

With the bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in South Africa still relying heavily on subsidies and transporting far fewer passengers than their international peers, MARISKA