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My friends call me a glomad (a global nomad lest you don’t get it). That’s a particularly apt word, because I am always trawling all corners of the globe, looking for stories. As a result, I have slept in some seriously strange places – on a bed of ice in the Arctic circle, on the floor in a traditional Japanese hotel, on the sand dunes in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan … and even on the floor of a Thai cargo ship. Mostly however I tend to sleep on aircraft (if I had a dog, he would bark at me when I eventually come home). I am passionate about trucks, cars, travel, food, wine, people and hugs – so I write about all these things. Except the hugs.

Face to face with MAN’s Markus Geyer!

Jul 09, 2018No Comments

We’re launching an all-new series in FOCUS called Face to Face, in which we will interview captains of industry. In the first instalment within the

Who needs a steering wheel?

Jul 06, 2018No Comments

FOCUS has just returned from Friedrichshafen, Germany, where we have seen the future of trucking … and it looks utterly fascinating! We were invited to

South Africans are trucking heroin!

Jul 06, 2018No Comments

South African truckers are playing a key role in the distribution of heroin. This has emerged in a report by ENACT* The report – authored

Iveco attacks Japanese market

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

In a move destined to grow global sales, Iveco has launched the Stralis NP 400 in Japan. It is the first liquefied natural gas (LNG)

Ford launches all-new Fiesta Sport Van

Jun 18, 20181 Comment

Ford has launched the fabulous all-new Fiesta Sport Van in the United Kingdom. The launch took place recently at the 2018 CV Show in Birmingham,

Scania is on a roll

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

Scania is performing extremely well. In fact, its net sales rose to a record SEK 31.1 billion (R45,4 billion) and earnings in the first quarter

Nikola versus Tesla: it is an all-out war!

Jun 18, 2018No Comments

In a move that many say will not achieve anything, hydrogen truck start-up Nikola is suing Tesla Motors for US$ 2 billion (R25,5 billion) saying

Renschler on a roll!

May 14, 20181 Comment

Andreas Renschler and Volkswagen Truck & Bus are really in the news! This has been a long time coming. So much was expected of Renschler

Road to hell

May 14, 2018No Comments

As South Africans, we all love to complain. In fact, I’m convinced it’s an official national pastime! One of our favourite topics is the bad

Volvo debuts all-electric truck

May 14, 2018No Comments

Volvo Trucks has introduced its first all-electric truck for commercial use – the Volvo FL Electric for urban distribution and refuse operations, among other applications.