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Arocs lands in SA

February 14, 2019

As of January 1, Daimler Trucks and Buses Southern Africa became a separate legal entity from Mercedes-Benz South Africa – in line with Daimler AG’s new strategy that splits the business into three: Daimler Mobility AG (financial and mobility services), Mercedes-Benz AG (passenger cars and vans) and Daimler Truck AG (trucks and buses).

The new Arocs is the first vehicle to be launched in South Africa under the new business structure – and it’s one mighty impressive start. Replacing the previous Axor range, the range of rigid Arocs trucks will initially be launched with four variants: two heavy distribution models and two construction models (which also have applications in timber and mining).

The distribution vehicles will include the Arocs 2636L/57 6×2 designed for city and regional distribution, and the Arocs 3345/48 with increased ground clearance, steel bumpers and swivel steps for on and off-highway distribution applications.

Two distribution-oriented cabs will be available initially: the M-Cab and L-Cab ClassicSpace featuring generous interior and storage space. The cabs also feature the newly developed seats that have wider seat cushions.

Powering this range is the 12,8-litre, six-cylinder OM460 Euro-3 engine with either 265 kW (360 hp) or 330 kW (450 hp).

Mercedes-Benz says that the Arocs 2636L/57 is optimised for efficiency, featuring a direct-drive automated PowerShift 3 transmission and hypoid axles. Side-cab air deflectors ensure aerodynamic efficiency by reducing wind turbulence between cab and body.

The construction vehicles will initially include the Arocs 3336K/36 Tipper Chassis and the Arocs 3236B/51 8×4 Mixer Chassis. Initially, one cab variant will be available: the S-Cab ClassicSpace. These vehicles also make use of the 256 kW (360 hp) engine.

Optimised for specific segments, the Arocs ranges for distribution and construction are each fitted with unique features to improve efficiency in their respective operations. The Arocs for distribution is equipped with a comprehensive range of standard safety equipment that includes a driver airbag, Lane Assist and Attention Assist.

In off-road construction environments, these systems are ineffective and are therefore not fitted to the construction range. Instead, this range features an “Off-road Drive” programme that is optimised for the special requirements of construction-site traffic and supports economic driving and improved handling.

The bodybuilding process is simplified as each range comes from the factory with pre-installed mounting brackets for body or equipment fitting.

The new Arocs for distribution comes standard with a one-year/unlimited kilometre warranty and a five-year/650 000 km powertrain warranty. This warranty is set at three-years/250 000 km/5 000 hours on construction models.   

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