A battery of awareness

April 26, 2019

Willard Batteries is doing its bit to raise awareness of ocean conservation, plastic pollution and recycling by launching its fourth limited-edition battery – the Willard blue battery.

“We are emphasising the relationship between people and nature,” says Corne Strydom, sales and marketing executive at AutoX, manufacturer and distributor of Willard Batteries in South Africa.

“The Willard blue battery campaign is a great way for people to get behind the idea of recycling plastic and ensuring that it doesn’t pollute our oceans and beaches. We want to highlight the interconnectedness between people and nature and how we all depend on a healthy, natural environment for our well-being.”

People participating in the campaign will also stand a chance to win a Big 5 Sea Safari in Hermanus, with luxury accommodation at the Marine Hotel. To enter the competition, customers must register the purchase of their new blue batteries online before September 30.

“Willard Batteries has a well-documented legacy of recycling scrap lead-acid batteries, 98 percent of which is recoverable, and out of which new batteries are manufactured. Highlighting the importance of collecting and recycling plastic waste plaguing our oceans and beaches is, therefore, a logical extension of this practice,” says Strydom.

“Willard is working on this project with the Beach Co-op, an NGO committed to improving and ensuring the health of our oceans. The Beach Co-op will be benefiting from a generous donation from Willard, with a portion of the proceeds from the campaign being set aside for this purpose,” explains Strydom. “Beach clean-ups are also being planned for later in the year in conjunction with the Beach Co-op.”

Willard’s first limited-edition battery was the successful, eye-catching pink battery where a portion of the proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Community Carer, PinkDrive.

Then the limited-edition, rugged and resilient Rhino battery was developed to cope with the harsh conditions faced by game rangers’ vehicles as they help protect South Africa’s rhinos.

The limited-edition Red battery highlighted the importance of donating blood, to which many people responded enthusiastically.

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